Our team

  • Simon KombeCo-Founder & Director

    With a passion for wildlife and conservation, Simon was trained as a Safari Guide, as well as a Spanish Translator Guide, and has worked extensively in Tanzania and Kenya since 2006. Known to be extremely detailed-oriented, responsible, passionate about his work and constantly enriching his knowledge of the fauna and flora of his country, Simon is an exceptional guide and individual in the tourism industry. He established Safari Infinity in hopes of creating a unique Safari experience for his guests with extraordinary, unparalleled customer service and this has been the Company’s goal and mission from the beginning.


    More about Simon:

    “The one place I will never get tired of is Ndutu, an area where off-road game drive is permitted, allowing guides to explore the off-the-beaten-path, and it is also a great challenge for those who are keen on seeking constant improvement on their guiding and navigation skills!”

  • David GitauBirding Specialist (upon request)

    David’s zeal for bird banding as a tool for conservation has given him a chance to visit several bird observatories in the Middle East, Europe and Central America as a guest ringer. This in turn has enormously enhanced his understanding of global cooperation through conservation biology and interaction with people from all walks of life. Currently, he also works as a field Ornithologist through the National Museum of Kenya, and he is constantly on call to guide visitors because of his intimate knowledge of the best areas for game, rare birds and beautiful scenery. He brings a vast knowledge in the field of ornithology to Safari Infinity. Join him as he takes you on a memorable tour through Tanzania and Kenya!

  • George MbwamboSafari Guide

    George, aside from being an experienced driver guide, has a great eye for birdlife in Tanzania, and our clients praise him for that. He is detailed-oriented, takes such good care of our clients (to the point that clients don’t want to part with him!) and is incredibly reliable, friendly & just amazing company for safari!


    More about George

    “Aside from the Big Five, the next big thing to watch out for on safari is the different kind of birds in the bush. After you’ve seen several cats in a day, you’ll be amazed at how many birds you can spot and hear in less than fifteen minutes. I’m still learning everyday about new species of birds, and once you fall in love with birding—it really brings the Safari experience to a whole new level.”

  • Raphiele MpilleSafari Guide

    Raphiele has been in the guiding industry for more than 10 years, and is one of the friendliest individual you can come across! From his first greeting to the last day of your safari, his sincerity and love for guiding always make our guests feel like they’ve gained a new friend in Tanzania. With a solid wildlife background, as well as having been a resident guide for several luxury lodges and camps, Raphiele has so much knowledge and safari stories to share!


    More about Raphiele:

    “Being a Safari Guide is more than just a job. It’s a lifetime passion, a commitment and a way for me to reconnect with nature on a daily basis. To witness the wilderness firsthand is something that I’ve come to realize is so rare for so many people… and we are so lucky to call the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater as our ‘workplace’. What a job!”

  • Tumaini PatrickSafari Guide

    With more than 8 years as a Safari Guide, Tumaini has stored up extensive and rich experiences about guiding in Tanzania. Aside from his impressive guiding skills, Tumaini is exceptionally enthusiastic in showing his guests as much as he can while on safari. With a constant joyful energy about him, Tumaini’s love for wildlife and his charming personality, he is a popular guide among families.


    More about Tumaini:

    “I love going into the bush – especially the Serengeti, because of its impressive wildlife distribution. To me, every experience in the Serengeti is a timeless one. Every day is a new day – you never see the same thing twice! My favorite animal to watch is the leopard. Because it is such an elusive animal, I always do my best to find one (or more!) to show my guests. They are a cunning, powerful hunter and their beautiful and unique prints make them all the more popular among my safari guests.”

  • Kelly MatemuSafari Guide

    Born and brought up in Arusha, Tanzania, Kelly is a graduate from college of African Wildlife Management Mweka. With over five years of guiding experience, Kelly also comes from a family of experienced guides in Tanzania.

    Having been a resident guide at Mbalageti Safari Lodge, Kelly is highly knowledgeable not just about the wildlife, but knows the Serengeti, as well as the other National parks like the back of his hand. Known to be extremely patient, friendly and professional, Kelly always forms a quick bond with his clients, a friendship that lasts even after their safaris.


    More about Kelly

    “Every trip I do, I gain more friends and family around the world. The wildlife is a major part of the safari, but I find also the bond between people as a highlight of my trips. As we travel together for days, seeing exciting game together, and chatting, learning new things about each other… Safari is so much more than just seeing animals, it’s a deep connection between people and nature, and people and people.”

  • Israel KombeHead Mechanic

    Having vehicles in impeccable condition is one of our top priorities at Safari Infinity. In order to ensure that all of our guests travel in utmost comfort & safety, as a Lead Mechanic, Israel and the rest of our team at the garage is there to make sure that everything is ready to go for our guests’ safari experience!

  • Godlove CliffordOperations Officer

    Godlove has been involved in ground operations since the beginning, a great individual with wonderful team spirit! He is in charge of ensuring that each guests’ safari are running smoothly from the beginning to the end, maintaining excellent flow of communication with our Safari Guides from the office base. His tasks extend to communicating with our Safari Guides, in case the guests wish to add any additional activities!

  • Welima CharlesReservations & Bookings Officer

    Ensuring that all of our guests’ accommodation bookings, as well as other operational logistics are in place, Welima is an indispensable team member of Safari Infinity. With close attention to details, great organizational and interpersonal skills, she helps to weave together seamless safari itineraries, among other administrative tasks. With field experience in the National Parks as well as work background in Sales & Marketing, Welima is also able to assist our guests with any additional questions regarding their safari once it’s booked & confirmed!


    More About Welima:

    “Working in the tourism industry enables me to communicate with all kinds of people around the world. Plus, it is so wonderful that one of my duties is to promote Tanzania as the best country to safari in!”