Having traveled and lived in Taiwan, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Tanzania, Lucia is our multilingual Sales & Marketing Director, and is now based in Arusha, Tanzania. It was during her trip to Tanzania in 2009 that she witnessed the beauty and positive growth of the country first-hand, and have since established Safari Infinity with her husband Simon Kombe. With an academic background in Human Rights and work experience in Marketing, Lucia strives to make a positive impact in Tanzania with an exceptional work ethic and fair tourism.


More about Lucia:

“My favorite season to travel in is in fact April-May, the “low season”. The roads are less crowded with little dust, and this is also one of the best times to visit Ndutu, where Big Cats are easy to spot (with the right safari guides)! One of my most spectacular sighting of a pair of leopards was also in Ndutu, where the male leopard came up real close, and walked right by our vehicle. Best leopard sighting so far!”