With more than 8 years as a Safari Guide, Tumaini has stored up extensive and rich experiences about guiding in Tanzania. Aside from his impressive guiding skills, Tumaini is exceptionally enthusiastic in showing his guests as much as he can while on safari. With a constant joyful energy about him, Tumaini’s love for wildlife and his charming personality, he is a popular guide among families.


More about Tumaini:

“I love going into the bush – especially the Serengeti, because of its impressive wildlife distribution. To me, every experience in the Serengeti is a timeless one. Every day is a new day – you never see the same thing twice! My favorite animal to watch is the leopard. Because it is such an elusive animal, I always do my best to find one (or more!) to show my guests. They are a cunning, powerful hunter and their beautiful and unique prints make them all the more popular among my safari guests.”