Mountain's Frequently Asked Questions

People of all ages and different fitness levels all have a good chance in making the climb. To better equip our climbers, at Safari Infinity, we offer a Fitness Assessment and with the results, we will customize a Fitness Program/Regiment that is tailored to each individual’s lifestyle, health & fitness level.

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We have a specific packing/preparation list for each mountain trek. You can contact us directly for a copy of this list at

In Kilimanjaro:

Daytime temperatures range between 20⁰-27⁰ celsius, depending on the month. The sun can be very high on Kilimanjaro so it is important that you pack a high factor sun protection cream. Night time temperatures can range from 2⁰-3⁰ celsius on the Shira Plateau, to as low as -10⁰. For those climbing in May there is the slight possibility of rain.

For both Mt Kilimanjaro & Meru, we would be providing chemical toilets, which are transported up the mountain by the team of porters. We also supply the group with toilet rolls and treated water.

For Marangu Route (Mt Kilimanjaro), there will be public toilet available on the site.

Each morning and evening, our climbers will receive a bowl of warm water and soap for washing. We also recommend packing baby wipes for regular cleaning purposes on each day.

We provide our climbers with carefully selected ingredients that will give you the required nutrients for an intense trek. We can also cater to all of your special dietary requirements for all your meals. Snacks such as muffins, cookies are also provided during breaks, paired with coffee or tea, or hot chocolate!

All of the water we supply our climbers are treated & filtered using the Katadyn water system, which ensures top quality water daily for drinking and food preparation.

A very careful approach is undertaken. We  carry full medical supplies that could possibly be required from oxygen tanks to resuscitation equipment.

Everyone is assessed daily, both morning and evening for; respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure and O2 saturation levels.

We can also provide full medical support with a qualified expedition doctor, if needed, at additional costs per group.


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