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Stone Town, a World Heritage Site since 2000, is a mesmerizing maze of narrow alleys with countless shops and stands. Buildings date back to the 19th century, with an enchanting mixture of Arabian and Swahili architecture. Stone Town is at the heart of Zanzibar Town, the largest town in Zanzibar (Ungunja) with a population of just over 1000,000.

The best way of discovering Stone Town is to through a guided City Tour. A local guide will show you al the remarkable places in town like the central market, the former slave market with the Anglican Cathedral, Tippu Tip House, the House of Wonders, the Old Fort, the Palace Museum, former residence of the Sultan and princess Salme.and of course the typical carved doors of Zanzibar. A city tour takes approximately 3 hours, and can be combined with other tours departing from Stonetown.

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The Forodhani park in Stonetown on the Unguja island of Zanzibar is a beautiful place to relax and take strolls during the day, and it comes alive at night with a wide selection of food stands. Tourists may browse around different food stands that consist of delicious & cheap seafood like fresh crabs, lobsters, calamari, the famous Zanzibar pizza, and local Indian & Tanzanian dishes. Another feature in our Zanzibar package is a private trip to a sandbank in Stonetown, including a delicious and filling seafood barbecue lunch, along with sun tanning on the island.

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Zanzibar is known as ‘Spice Island’, has over forty of the most valuable tropical aromatic plants that were introduced over the last two centuries by the Oman Arabs. The spices are grown in the spice grades in the hills north of Stone Town. For those who are keen on learning about the different spices that grows on the island, a spice tour can be organized at any time of the day.

The tour includes visiting the spice farms, to witness how different spices are grown, their usage, and even have a sample on the spot! Herbalist Tours can also be organized, which involves visiting areas where medicinal and ornamental plants and herbs are planted.

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Prison Island, also known as Changuu Island, it’s the most famous of the offshore islands. This island was once owned by an Arab who used it to keep slaves, The island is also home to giant tortoises which are supposed to have been brought over from Aldabra – an Atoll off the Seychelles. Visitors are welcome to swim or snorkel in the crystal clear water with splendid coral reefs. The island itself is well forested with an exclusive Resort called Changuu Private Island Paradise Resort.

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This forest is one of the last remaining sanctuaries in the world for the red colobus monkey. The forest is 2,512 hectares (6,207 acres) in size and was declared a nature reserve in the 1960’s.

They were an endangered species, but numbers have increased in recent years thanks to conservation work by the nature reserve working closely with the local people. It is estimated that there are now between 2,000-2,500 monkeys.

There is also a mangrove swamp, which can be explored using the boardwalk trails as well as numerous nature trails through the forest, which provide excellent opportunities for viewing the wild animals, birds and flora and fauna.

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This is a half-day excursion, suitable for those who would like to have a chance to snorkel and at the same time the leisure time to relax on the sandbank, and even savor the fresh catch of the day as our staff prepares fresh grilled seafood BBQ!

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The Dhow Cruise departs around 16:30pm (finished around 18:30pm) where you will be sailing away from the Stonetown coast, slicing through the clear turquoise water, with the sun setting in the background. A romantic excursion to end with in Stonetown!

*This can also be booked from any beach resort.

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For your chance to see dolphins in Zanzibar, you will be able to book this activity that will take you to Kizimkazi village, on the Southern cost of Unguja Island. There are several bottle-nose dolphins that stay by Kizimkazi all year-round, with also a few humpback dolphins with less frequented visits. This tour will typically start in the early morning (pick-up by 05:00 from beach hotels, and 06:00 from Stonetown hotels), and lasts for about 2-3 hours. *The dolphin spotting occurs often, but it is not a 100% guarantee.

Snorkeling gears will be provided for you, along with a guide to take you on a once-in-a-lifetime water excursion!

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The whole of Chumbe Island is a nature reserve and you may explore its beauties either under the competent guidance of park rangers or at your own leisure. Snorkel through the unique shallow water Reef Sanctuary or explore the Forest Reserve and historical monuments. The reef of the island remains in a pristine state, and encompasses a spectacular array of hard corals. Each snorkeling excursion provides new discoveries for guests.

When snorkelling through this pristine and shallow coral refuge, one is able to encounter spotted stingrays, parrotfish, angelfish, butterfly fish, triggerfish, boxfish, unicorn fish, trumpet fish… to name but a few.

In order to take full advantage of the beauty that Chumbe Island has to offer, we strongly recommend travelers to plan a minimum of 2 nights stay.

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The island offers an incredible mix of thrilling drift dives, marine walls and large reserves of pelagic life. Pristine reefs and dramatic vertical coral cliffs of more than 800 metres are the defining feature of many dive sites along the west coast. Coral gardens, sponges and sea fans cover these marine cliffs, which often stretch as far as the eye can see and host a fascinating array of colourful reef fish. The view over some of these spectacular precipices is typically excellent, although local conditions mean that predicting visibility remains unpredictable.

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The Pemba Channel is widely known, and is considered one of the world’s best places for fishing. The Pemba Channel itself is Africa’s premier marlin destination. Striped, black and blue marlin, broadbill, mako, sailfish, tiger and other sharks, dorado, wahoo, yellowfin tuna and many other game fish are all to be found in her azure waters. Large pelagic fish swim and hunt amongst the thousands of small, brightly coloured reef fish that play around the plunging drop-offs and in the turquoise waters of the shallows – an underwater naturalist’s dream.

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