This past March, we took clients Nancy & Andy on their Honeymoon Safari through the Serengeti & Ngorongoro… and here are all the vivid, thrilling pictures they’ve amassed throughout their safari. Brace yourselves for an amazing slideshow…… !

 Client Andy, gazing out the window & made eye contact with a giraffe!

 Mother Cheetah & her cubs

 Client Nancy captioned this photo “The Lion stops to smell the flowers”. What a picturesque & peaceful capture of SIMBA!

Lioness drinking in Ngorongoro 

Zebra against the beautiful background of the Crater 

Adorable baby cheetah cubs.  

Baby Simba! 

What a beautiful picture of the buffalo herd in the middle of Serengeti Plains… 

Family cheetah enjoying their meal of the day! 

A lone elephant. 


A very rare appearance indeed – they’re nocturnal animals!
Munching on grass. 

Hippo fight!
 You wouldn’t want to be in this pool…
A lone hyena. Just chillin’. 

 A leopard hiding up in the tree.

 That’s quite a meal.

A very hungry crowd.
Up-close and personal. 

VERY up-close and personal. 

 Herd of elephants!
Wildebeest Migration in March…
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