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Experience Tanzania: Visit the People & Experience the Serengeti Bush

EXPLORE TANZANIA: All-Inclusive Package 
(Student Discounted Price: 1995 USD per person)
There are so many ways to experience Tanzania, aside from simply going on a Safari trip… and we have taken into consideration of students, who are keen on visiting our country without the standard luxury package budget, and we have customized an itinerary to explore Tanzania on many cultural levels as well as a chance of seeing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and of course, a Semi-Luxury Safari Package!
We are currently offering a 11 days all-inclusive package to students all over the world, and all you would need is a round-way airfare from your home country to JRO airport – or to NBO airport, from where we can arrange a shuttle bus or a private transfer to Arusha.
The rate for this all-inclusive package is only 1995 USD per person – at a discounted student price (per 6 people group)
Here are a few activities that we have included in this itinerary:
1) Day Visits Norah Child Care Trust in Tengeru (approx. 20 minutes away from Arusha)
Norah Child Care Trust is one orphanage that Safari Infinity support with donation. We also notify all of our Safari guests of Mama Norah and her kids, and many of them bring clothes, shoes, or school supplies for the children at the orphanage. Here is an opportunity for you to come and interact with the children at Mama Norah’s, and to brighten up their day by introducing fun activities & games from your home country! You can find out more about Mama Nora and her work here on our website:

2) Local Swahili Cooking Class
According to James Beard, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” – and it cannot be truer, especially when you are entering into a whole new culture… what better ways to experience the Swahili culture than to learn to cook their local cuisine? In our itinerary, we have included a “Cooking Session” with a local chef, who will be taking you to the local markets to buy fresh fruits and vegetable, venture into the local butcher shops for meat or fish, and make everything from scratch! 

3) Day Trek to the first climbing point to Mt. Kilimanjaro: Mandara Hut
A full expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro is physically strenuous, and the cost can be quite hefty for those who are still in school. There is, however, opportunity to experience the first few hours in the Kilimanjaro trek, and we offer exactly that in our itinerary. It is a 4 to 5 hours hike up Mandara Hut, the first climbing point via Marangu Route up Mt. Kilimanjaro. You will be able visit the waterfalls along the way, and seeing a variety of wildlife such as blue and white colobus monkeys. A professional and certified Mountain Guide and Assistant Mountain Guides will be there to guide you through the first few hours of hiking. All you would be needing is a day pack, good energy, and high spirits to get you through the first climbing point! 
For more information on different routes up Mt. Kilimanjaro, visit our website here:
 4) 5 days Semi-Luxury Safari
And of course, how can you miss the opportunity of seeing the famous Serengeti “endless plains”, Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest caldera? We have arranged a Semi-Luxury Safari for our group, (yes, not just basic camping!) where they will be staying at Kati Kati Tented Camp and Rhino Lodge , to experience the “bush”, and still have the comforts of a soft bed, an en-suite bathroom, while listening to the hoofbeats of wildebeest and zebras, and sounds of hyenas and lions in the wild!

Karibu Sana, Welcome to Tanzania, and come share this unforgettable experience with us!

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