This past August, we had a group of three people go on a 7 days safari. What was particularly special about this group was how they came together. Dana, a New Yorker, initially inquired for a 7 days safari, and well, since a safari is not exactly on the cheap side, she decided to find more people to join her. Belinda & Ryan, a couple from Australia were on the road, jumping from continents to continents, and had just decided last minute to go on a African Safari… Well, as fate would have it, they bumped each other on “Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forum”, and started to work out an itinerary that would suit both parties. We (Dana, Belinda + Ryan & Safari Infinity) worked relentlessly at the itinerary, and finally settled down on a “perfect safari” (and yes, it did turn out to be more than “perfect”!).

We picked up Dana first at the airport, and had a great time bonding in the car on the way to Arusha, and it was so fascinating to hear her traveling stories in Turkey & Zanzibar before she arrived in Tanzania. Dana, like so many other Safari Infinity clients, is a travel junkie and just about went everywhere, and that’s the kind of passionate energy we love! Belinda & Ryan arrived later that day, and by this time, Dana and the B&R party have not met face to face yet.

The next morning, Kelly, their Safari Driver Guide picked them up and started what was going to be an AMAZING safari for 7 days…

A quick preview of their 7 days Semi-Luxury Safari Itinerary:

Day 1 – Arusha to Tarangire (Kirurumu Tarangire Tented Lodge)
Day 2 – Tarangire to Western Serengeti (Mbalageti Safari Lodge)
Day 3 – Western Serengeti to Central Serengeti (Seronera Wildlife Lodge)
Day 4 – Central Serengeti to Ngrongoro (Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge)
Day 5 – Ngorongoro to Karatu (Endoro Lodge)
Day 6 – Karatu to Lake Manyara (Migunga Forest Tented Camp)
Day 7 – Lake Manyara to Arusha

What they saw during this trip, was beyond what words can describe… just imagine seeing lions feeding on their hunted prey in Tarangire, witnessing a cheetah kill in the Serengeti, sleeping in a tented lodge with surrounding wild animal sounds… (just outside your window!)

Another thing that made their safari experience above & beyond what they expected, was the amazing friendship that was formed – within their group, and also with their driver guide, Kelly. “It was a ‘spiritual experience'”, Dana said, wide-eyed and still in awe of all that she has seen on the safari, when we all met together for a quick bite after their safari. They were all so impressed by Kelly’s knowledge of not just the wildlife, but of the history of Tanzania, and this actually paved the way for deeper conversation regarding the origin of man, and the Great Rift Divide, etc…

This is in Dana’s own words: I had thought I was just going to see things and that was enough for me. I left understanding an overwhelming amount about animal behaviour, their socialization, and the natural course of safari life. He made us want to see honeybadgers more than any other animal! That’s pretty amazing. I’m not kidding. I don’t think that people expect to or look to get additional information other than having a driver spot things. Kelly’s knowledge made the trip inexplicably far more interesting and enjoyable…”

We just love hearing good stories… Keep them coming! 🙂

Here are B & R, with Kelly at the front, enjoying their coffee break!

With the Safari Infinity vehicle – with popped-up roof to maximize game viewing! 

A view of Mbalageti Safari Lodge in the morning… an AMAZING view of the Western Corridor of the Serengeti
The Lodge at night, Dinnertime!

The lovely group, sad to leave each other! Hope we can all meet again, sometimes soon! 
Karibu Tena Tanzania…!
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