One of our favorite moments is meeting our clients, either before or after safari… or both, if we can manage. Even though we have been on safari many, many times, but listening to the clients’ stories, how they eyewitnessed a “national geographic”-like game in the Serengeti, or how they had a close encounter with a lion, sleeping under the shade of their jeep… It is like reliving those unbelievably amazing safari experience all over again!

This past June, we’ve had the great opportunity to meet our clients who travelled from London, UK. Before their safari, we had lunch together and discussed the safari logistics, itinerary, and also about past safari experiences – as one of them have previously traveled to Kenya. After their safari, we met up again, and listened to their adventurous first night in Tarangire, where an elephant (or two) stumbled into the lodge’s ground – just to say “mambo”, of course.
Boudewijn (far left) from the Netherlands, Simon, Lucia, Thadei (Safari Infinity crew!), and Sunit, who is originally from Nepal! 

Simon, Lucia, Thadei, Ju & Sunit
And earlier this week, we also met up with one of our August groups, Paco, prior and after their safari with us. They did a mix of semi-luxury and basic camping, and got to catch up to the wildebeest & zebra migration while they were in Lobo, Northern Serengeti. They saw lions hunting (quite successfully, as they witnessed the kill afterwards as well..), numerous leopards, and were amazed at the variety of wildlife in Tanzania. One of them is actually able to conversate in Swahili now, after a mere 7 days safari… Nzuri sana, sana!
 Simon, Francisco1, Francisco2, and Francisco3 (Paco)! 😉

Lucia, Francisco1, Erik (Driver Guide), Francisco 2, Francisco 3 (Paco) 🙂

Specials thanks to our clients, our Rafiki (friends) for sharing their pictures & wonderful safari experiences with us… Asante sana! Karibu tena!