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The Perfect Winter Getaway: Zanzibar

By October 7, 2011No Comments
When people first hear about Tanzania, most often than not, they associate it with wildlife safaris & Mount Kilimanjaro – both spectacular & amazing to say the least… But aside from the latter gems of Tanzania, there lies an island of spice, mix of Arabian, Indian & Tanzania culture, and, as you can see for yourself in the pictures below, fine, white sand beaches & fresh coconut drinks to savor while tanning & relaxing in Zanzibar…
 Savor the breathtaking sunset view as you sail with your friends on a dhow cruise (as seen above) in the Indian Ocean
 Sandbank: You can access this place by taking a local boat – and arrange for a seafood barbecue … Have a taste of relaxing on your own private beach…
The best afternoon snack: fresh local coconut juice on Paje beach – only 40 minutes away from Stonetown (Ferry Port in Unguja Island in Zanzibar)
Come for a perfect Winter getaway to Zanzibar, Tanzania. Book before November 2011 for a 10% off our regular price! For more information on our trip to Zanzibar, visit: