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When we started to discuss with Patrick & Jaclyn about their 17 days Safari in Tanzania, we quickly found out that they were not our usual safari-goers. They requested 2 nights in Lake Manyara, 6 nights in Serengeti, as well as 3 full days of Crater Tour in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Then we also found out that they were avid birders. A-ha! Birdwatching requires extensive patience, and long waits at the right spot.. at the right time. Augustine, our travel coordinator in Canada, was in close communication with them, revising their itineraries, proposing alternative accommodation choices, and tweaking the additional activities they requested, such as night game drive, guided walking safari at the Crater’s Rim, a day hike in Kilimanjaro… And this is was just the planning stage!
Patrick & Jaclyn also chose to do their safari in May, as this is the time when the parks are still relatively empty, and is free from the famous “dust” that is so prominent during peak/dry season (June-September). They raved about having some parts of the parks to themselves. We can understand that feeling!
When we (Simon and Lucia) met up with Patrick & Jaclyn after their safari, we couldn’t help but notice the massive camera lenses that they were carrying, and we just KNEW that their pictures had to be good. And were we ever so right.
Here are some of their amazing captures throughout their 17 days Semi-Luxury Safari with Safari Infinity!

Two Cheetahs on the run.

Apparently, one of the lions in Ngorongoro now unofficially “owns” one of Safari Infinity‘s vehicles. When Kelly, Patrick & Jaclyn’s driver guide, stopped in the road in the middle of Ngorongoro, a male lion came up to the vehicle, and decided to “mark its territory”. Yes, we now belong to “HIM”.

Curious baboons!

Patrick, Kelly, and Jaclyn

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