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This past January, we’ve had a family group of 8 (Mary Joyce), who was on their second safari with Safari Infinity (their first safari experience with us was January 2013).

They organized a short, luxury 3 days safari with us, and what they came across their first day at Tarangire National Park was far beyond what they had expected.

It was with their driver guides, Fazal & Vincent, that they stumbled across a pack of 17 wild dogs!

Wild dogs’ numbers are currently in decline across Africa. Known for their amazing hunting skills and complex social life, wild dogs are a rare sighting on safari.

Luckily for Mary Joyce’s family, Fazal and Vincent took a different route in Tarangire, further down south, where other drivers tend to shy away from, and they were able to have this private, exclusive sighting of 17 wild dogs, as they were in a thicket by the road (The first picture was taken without any zoom!).

Mary Joyce has promised us to send more pictures our way, but we thought these two pictures were too precious to not share right away… So here is a brief preview to their fantastic 3 days safari with Safari Infinity!

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