This month, we had a rare encounter with cheetahs in Ndutu plains!
Ndutu is one of the few areas in Tanzania that allows “off-road game drive”, and this is also prime location from January – March, where the calving season takes place! This is the time when thousands of wildebeests and zebras gather in Ndutu and give birth simultaneously. This in turns, attracts large numbers of predators (e.g. Big Cats – lions, cheetahs, leopards, as well as hyenas) to prey on the young and newborns.
It is also in Ndutu where our guests are able to see thrilling game drives, as we are able to roam free in the Ndutu plains. With no “main road” to follow, it is easy to get lost in the plains, and find good game, but with our experienced drivers guides, all of our guests are able to enjoy Ndutu to the fullest!
Rita and Sean’s honeymoon safari with us included 2 full nights in Ndutu, and they thoroughly enjoyed their game drives in this area. Their highlight of the trip is undoubtedly their meeting with 4 cheetahs (on 2 separate, different occasions) in the Ndutu plains.
On this very morning, our driver guide decided venture out further in the Ndutu plains, while other safari driver guides decided to stay behind, due to the fact that it rained quite hard the night before. Fortunately, we didn’t let this stop us! We drove past the marshes, and encountered two curious cheetahs, who jumped on our jeep to use as vantage point, and keep a lookout for potential preys. 
Here are a few highlight pictures, captured by our driver guide: 
Yes, it was right in front of us!

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