As most of the safari-goers know, January – February is calving season in Ndutu, an area which borders Southern Serengeti and Ngorongoro, one of the best location to be from January – April for wildlife viewing, especially if you’re interested in the BIG CATS!
And this January – February, we’ve had many clients come back and rave about the “cubs sightings”, along with impressive “cat counts”. Our last group, Dennis, who just went for 12 days, stated that the have spotted 100 lions, not one less.
So, to prove that they are 100% truthful in what they have seen… I have prepared a few highlight pictures from our client groups, Arnold in January, and Mary Joyce and Gail in February. The featured animal is indeed LEOPARD, mum and her cubs! (Might even be the same Leopard family, spotted by both Mary Joyce and Gail!)


Practising hunting skills

Crossing the road…

 What did he see?

Beautiful Leopard cubs

Mother and child, munching on the grass…

Vincent, and the young safari-goers from Mary Joyce’s group in January 2013. They were the ones that spotted a Leopard mother carefully crossing the road with her cubs.

A lone hippo….

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