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Missed the summer? Hakuna Matata!

By April 26, 2013No Comments

As the peak season is being booked up in Tanzania, those interested in doing a Safari before 2014 can consider coming in September-November 2013! In contrast to common belief that the Migration only occurs between peak season, July to the beginning of September – one is able to catch on to the Migration throughout the year. And another bonus when traveling after the beginning of September, is that one can avoid the Summer touristy crowds!

 (Photo Courtesy of our client – Janko J & Bojana S.)

In September, the migration herds are expected to have crossed back into Tanzania, and heading towards Central Serengeti from the North. By this time, the herds are diving into 3 parts, with one group entering Central Serengeti, another into the Western Corridor, and one more group going towards the Eastern Corridor, where there is no access to game drive road.

 (Photo Courtesy of our client – Janko J & Bojana S.)

While from mid-September to the beginning of October, it would be good to keep to Northern (Lobo area) Serengeti and Central Serengeti, towards the middle of October until November, we would recommend visiting Central Serengeti & the Western Corridor.

Western Corridor is known for the Grumeti River Crossing in late May-beginning of July, where the famous nile crocodile await in the river for the young and weaker wildebeest and zebras. In October-November, there will still be residential animals, in addition to the migration herds in the area, making this part of Serengeti a spectacular one! And if staying in the West, then one must consider Mbalageti Safari Lodge, a beautiful lodge, with breathtaking view of the Serengeti plains.

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