One of our past clients, Victoria, has shared with us some of her amazing captures from her January 2013 Safari with us. And, being in the film industry (not to mention her work involvement in the movie “District 9”), she has some of the most vivid, animated photographs we’ve seen on a safari!

Victoria traveled with her husband, with Erick John as their guide for 11 days in the bush! Their focus was in the Serengeti, and of course, Ndutu, just in time for calving season in Tanzania!
See some of her pictures here below:

Lazy lioness, probably resting after a good meal

This is a good way for them to scope the horizon for potential prey… or snack. 

Wouldn’t want to get too close to this one!
Why does this cheetah look so worn out?

Yes, he worked hard for his meal.
Ndutu Sunrise
Victoria captioned this picture as “Sweet Child of mine…” on her blog. As per the caption, it seems like this one was quite the singer in the group.

Hyenas are impressive predators, they rarely go hungry.

What a beautiful shot of an elephant!

Yes, lions can climb trees. 

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