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When Evelien and Monika contacted us for their safari in the fall, they were full of questions (& excitement) when we were planning their safari!

Their itinerary covered all of the major highlights in the Northern Circuit – and here are a few photos selected from their vivid slideshow!

And the adventure begins in the Safari Infinity 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser modified for an enjoyable and comfortable safari!

Elephants and Zebras enjoying the same pool! 

A scattered herd of wildebeest in Tarangire!

Here, you can see a “private lion viewing”, exclusively for Safari Infinity guests! 

As our driver guides are extremely knowledgable in regards to the wildlife, and their behavior in their habitat, it is a common practice for Safari Infinity vehicles to break away from the “tourist crowds”, and roam in the less traveled road inside the parks, for a more exclusive experience! 

On this day, Evelien and Monika met up with another Safari Infinity group, and together, they stumbled upon a pride of lions with young cubs in the middle of the road!

And, if you want to know how close you can get to the wildlife on safari – these thrilling pictures can answer your question!

Two lionesses (one tagged for research purposes) strolling by Safari Infinity vehicles.

And what have we here? A full litter of lion cubs!

From our driver guides’ observation, they were a little bit over two weeks old!

This one is thirsty for milk!

A beautiful young male lion.

Mom and cubs playing while Dad keeps watch!
Leopard up on a tree, resting.

Best sleeping position for this big cat!

A Maasai Encounter!

Evelien and Monika poses for a picture with their newfound Maasai rafikis (friends)!

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